Lower Manhattan Seen from the SS Coamo

Photography by Jack Delano, 1941

Lower Manhattan seen from the SS Coamo leaving New York.

SS Coamo was an US freighter of 7,057 tons, built in 1925 for the Agwilines of New York. The ship was en route from Gibraltar to New York when it disappeared without trace. It was later discovered that SS Coamo had been torpedoed on December 2, 1942 by the German U-boat the U-604. The SS Coamo was carrying 186 persons including the crew. The entire merchant marine crew of 133 men plus 37 Armed Guards and 16 Army personnel were lost, in this, the greatest tragedy to befall a single crew on a US Merchant Marine ship in World War II.

The picture is part of the Farm Security Administration – Office of War Information Photograph Collection.

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