Riverside Church

The Riverside Church in New York City is an American Baptist and United Church of Christ church, well known for its complex Gothic architecture, which includes the world’s biggest tuned carillon bell. The Riverside Church is located between 120th St. and 122nd St., in Morningside Heights between Riverside Drive and Claremont Avenue.

The tallest church in the United States and the 26th tallest in the world, it was described by The New York Times as “a stronghold of activism and political debate throughout its 75-year history … influential on the nation’s religious and political landscapes.”

The church received New York City Landmark status in 2000.

United States flag under the sky of New York City. Photography by Guglielmo Losio

5th Avenue is an important thoroughfare in the heart of Manhattan, in New York City.

5th Avenue starts at Washington Square Park in Greenwich Village and runs northwards through the heart of Midtown, along the eastern side of Central Park, where it forms the boundary of the Upper East Side and through Harlem, where it terminates at the Harlem River at 142nd Street.

Statue of Liberty Monument at Night
Silhouette of the Statue of Liberty monument at night

The Statue of Liberty is a colossal monument on Liberty Island in New York Harbor, created by the French sculptor Frederic Bartholdi and dedicated on October 28, 1886.

The statue, a gift to the United States of America from the men and women of France, is of a robed woman figure symbolizing the Roman goddess of liberty, who bears a torch and a tabula ansata upon which is written the date of the American Declaration of Independence. A broken chain lies at her feet.

The statue has become an symbolic representation of liberty and of the United States of America.